Do you need sailing experience to charter a boat?

Yes, in order to charter a boat you need a boat licence for maritime waters. If you personally do not have a licence and one of your crew members is in possession of a licence, you can act as charterer and your fellow sailor as skipper. If you do not have the appropriate qualifications in your crew, we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our trained skippers.

Which qualifications are required in the individual destinations?


The skipper must have a valid license for the appropriate boat size as required by Croatian maritime law.
VHF license is obligatory.


The skipper must have a valid license for the appropriate boat size as required by Greek maritime law. A co-skipper must also sign, but is currently not subject to licensing.
VHF license is not mandatory.


The skipper must have a valid license for the appropriate boat size as required by Spanish maritime law.
VHF license is obligatory.


A skipper license is not required, but we insist on proof of qualification. Only under exceptional circumstances do we approve a charter without a licence customary in the country.
VHF license is not mandatory.

What are the best travel times for our destinations?


The Mediterranean charter season usually lasts from April to November. The months of April, October and November are the months of the low season.
The usual Mediterranean charter starts and ends on Saturday. If you have special requests regarding the charter duration or the starting weekday, please call us.


The Canary Islands are one of the few all-year-round areas, but you should not forget that you are in a deep-sea area and this requires certain experience.
The months of June, July and August are the strong wind period in the Canary Islands. Only experienced sailors should sail here.


One of the charter hotspots for the winter months is the Caribbean with good conditions from October to April. During the hurricane season from the end of July to September we do not recommend a charter.

Is a deposit and skipper’s liability insurance required?

There is no compulsory insurance for charter customers, but we strongly recommend it, as your personal liability insurance does not cover damage during a charter trip.

Surety insurance

Before the start of the charter, you deposit the surety declared for the yacht in the base with your credit card. The surety corresponds to the personal contribution in the event of damage on board. You can insure this surety with a surety insurance, which we recommend.

Skipper’s liability insurance

As a skipper you are liable for damages to persons or objects with all your assets and since, as already described, there is no coverage by the personal liability insurance, a skipper’s insurance is recommended.

Can I go sailing without a crew?

At the moment you cannot book a cruise with us without crew and sailing licence. However, we will extend our offer in this direction in the future.

The flotillas offered by our agency partner Blu-Charter offer the possibility to sail on one of the ships as a crew member.

What things should not be missing in your luggage?

NO SUITCASE, please use flexible bags or duffel bags for your luggage.

  • Solid non-slip shoes (sneakers with a white sole if you don’t want to buy boat shoes)
  • Fast drying clothing (warm clothing if necessary)
  • Windbreaker jacket
  • A beach towel should always be in your luggage

Adjust your choice of clothes to the weather forecast, as there are very few stowage spaces on the ship for excess baggage.