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Your own yacht is the name of the game.

Are you interested in a yacht or a catamaran? Then discover the easy way to purchase property without having to bear the typical costs and work of a yacht owner. Get to know our four owner programmes and fulfill your wishes:

  • Classic investment model with guaranteed annual return
  • Various yield models with owner weeks at sea
  • Purchase charter model with attractive 5-year financing

Choose from our pool of partner yards and have a look around:

We are also at your side with words and deeds when it comes to selecting the right property. If you have special ideas about your yacht, we will make sure that your individual wishes are implemented. Just get in touch with us.

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All around worthwhile.

The four seasons owner model is very simple: you purchase a yacht through us, have no operational costs and can soon look forward to your individual profit distribution.

Our fantastic four.

Our various models offer the right investment for everyone: from the investment model with guaranteed annual distribution to two-owner models with distributions and owner weeks at sea or the purchase charter model, which reduces the cost factor by chartering out and makes you an owner after 5 years.

Please note that the following figures are approximate values that may have to be adjusted depending on the ship and sailing area you wish to charter.

4 Seasons Invest
Maintenance & insurance with guaranteed fixed annual income
4 Seasons Smart
Maintenance & insurance with guaranteed fixed annual income
4 Seasons Liberty
Service, maintenance & insurance provided by investor, up to 12 % variable income per year
4 Seasons Simply Owner
Become an owner of your own boat as a charter boat after 5 to 9 years.
Investment 100% 100% 100% 60%
Down payment 100% 100% 100% 35 % after 5 years final payment
Period 6 years + 4 years 6 years + 4 years 6 years + 4 years 5 years
Seasons Double season 1 season individual 1 season
Receipts Guaranteed 10% annually Guaranteed 7% annually Variable up to 12% annually -/-
Cost responsibility for all operating expenses four seasons four seasons Owner four seasons
Holiday programme -/- 8 weeks unlimited 8 weeks
Procurement support yes yes yes yes

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