Sailing basics

Do you need sailing experience to charter a boat?

Yes, in order to charter a boat you need a boat licence for maritime waters. If you personally do not have a licence and one of your crew members is in possession of a licence, you can act as charterer and your fellow sailor as skipper. If you do not have the appropriate qualifications in your crew, we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our trained skippers.

Which qualifications are required in the individual destinations?


The skipper must have a valid license for the appropriate boat size as required by Croatian maritime law.
VHF license is obligatory.


The skipper must have a valid license for the appropriate boat size as required by Greek maritime law. A co-skipper must also sign, but is currently not subject to licensing.
VHF license is not mandatory.


The skipper must have a valid license for the appropriate boat size as required by Spanish maritime law.
VHF license is obligatory.


A skipper license is not required, but we insist on proof of qualification. Only under exceptional circumstances do we approve a charter without a licence customary in the country.
VHF license is not mandatory.

What are the best travel times for our destinations?


The Mediterranean charter season usually lasts from April to November. The months of April, October and November are the months of the low season.
The usual Mediterranean charter starts and ends on Saturday. If you have special requests regarding the charter duration or the starting weekday, please call us.


The Canary Islands are one of the few all-year-round areas, but you should not forget that you are in a deep-sea area and this requires certain experience.
The months of June, July and August are the strong wind period in the Canary Islands. Only experienced sailors should sail here.


One of the charter hotspots for the winter months is the Caribbean with good conditions from October to April. During the hurricane season from the end of July to September we do not recommend a charter.

Is a deposit and skipper’s liability insurance required?

There is no compulsory insurance for charter customers, but we strongly recommend it, as your personal liability insurance does not cover damage during a charter trip.

Surety insurance

Before the start of the charter, you deposit the surety declared for the yacht in the base with your credit card. The surety corresponds to the personal contribution in the event of damage on board. You can insure this surety with a surety insurance, which we recommend.

Skipper’s liability insurance

As a skipper you are liable for damages to persons or objects with all your assets and since, as already described, there is no coverage by the personal liability insurance, a skipper’s insurance is recommended.

Can I go sailing without a crew?

At the moment you cannot book a cruise with us without crew and sailing licence. However, we will extend our offer in this direction in the future.

The flotillas offered by our agency partner Blu-Charter offer the possibility to sail on one of the ships as a crew member.

What things should not be missing in your luggage?

NO SUITCASE, please use flexible bags or duffel bags for your luggage.

  • Solid non-slip shoes (sneakers with a white sole if you don’t want to buy boat shoes)
  • Fast drying clothing (warm clothing if necessary)
  • Windbreaker jacket
  • A beach towel should always be in your luggage

Adjust your choice of clothes to the weather forecast, as there are very few stowage spaces on the ship for excess baggage.

Suburb info

How do I get to the marina?

If you do not arrive with your own car, we can arrange a taxi transfer from the airport to the base. If you arrive later than our usual office hours, we will leave a message at the office door telling you how to get to your ship. The check-in will take place the next morning.

When do I get on my boat?

Our standard check-in time in Europe is 5 p.m.. On request we also offer early check-in for an extra charge. The number of early check-ins is limited. Should the check-in be delayed, e.g. due to damage to previous customers, we will try to communicate this delay in good time.

How does check-in work?

Once you arrive at the office, the first thing you have to do is complete the paperwork.
When your boat is ready to be handed over, one of our employees will familiarise you with the boat. After the briefing you will receive a handover protocol, in which damage or missing items will be noted if they have not been listed.

Please do not forget to ask if you have any questions!!

Are there any cruise suggestions?

You can find sailing suggestions on our sailing area pages. We will also be happy to advise you by telephone if you have any further questions.

How can I reserve marinas or buoys?

Especially in Croatia the online service of my-sea.com is recommended in order to book moorings in time, so that nothing stands in the way of a relaxed sailing day.

The service is currently available in Croatia, Greece and Turkey, Spain will follow in the near future.

Who is liable for damage to the boat?

The skipper is the person who has full responsibility on deck. If you have a professional skipper on board, he is responsible for any damage he has caused. You will be liable for any damage caused to the boat by your actions.

When does the boat have to be back in port?

If no further arrangements have been made, the ships must be returned to port by 5 p.m. before the checkout day.

Do I have to clean my boat myself?

You do not have to clean the boat yourself, but the boat should be handed over in good condition for the sake of the seamanship.

What is the checkout procedure like?

After your arrival at the port, the ship will be checked by a diver to detect possible damage under the waterline. The next day’s check-out will be carried out by one of our staff. Again there is a check-out protocol. If there is no damage, your deposit will be released immediately. In the event of damage to the ship, a damage invoice will be drawn up and the damage incurred deducted from your deposit.

FAQ Croatia

May I sail to Montenegro?

Our boats may be sailed to Montenegro, but you must not forget to clear in and out in a Port of Entry.

Where can I buy a ticket for the National Parks?

In general, we advise you to buy the tickets outside the national park, as the prices in the national park are very high. On the homepage www.np-kornati.hr you can buy the tickets for the National Park.

FAQ Greece

Can I sail to Albania by boat?

Currently it is not allowed to sail to Albania.

FAQ Balearic Islands

May I call at the other islands of the Balearic Islands?

You may call at all islands within the Balearic Islands. Please keep in mind that some trips, e.g. to Ibiza, are 90 NM.

Is it possible to book a reservation for Cabrera?

For a fee of 10 € per boat we take over the reservation of the buoys. As the berths are limited, you may have to change your route.


May I enter the national park?

A national park permit allows you to use the anchor buoys. This allows you to moor in the famous marine parks. In the areas of baths, caves and Indians and in Monkey Point, anchoring is forbidden in order to protect the sensitive reefs of the territory. The cost of a national park permit depends on the number of people in your group and varies from $ 25 per week for 4 people to $ 55 per week for 10 people.

What are the navigation restrictions?

Boat operation is permitted only between 7.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. Exceptions are indicated on the charts.

Is there a cruising tax?

All charterers sailing on BVI waters are obliged to obtain a so-called “Cruising Permit”. We will organise this for you before your trip. The costs depend on the number of persons. The cruise tax is $ 6 per person per day throughout the year.

What is VISAR?

The Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR) is a voluntary organisation dedicated to saving lives at sea. It is the officially recognised search and rescue service in the British Virgin Islands, operating daily in close cooperation with the Royal British Virgin Islands Police, Fire and Rescue Services. We ask $ 10 for each charter. The amount will be forwarded directly to VISAR.

Can I fish from the boat?

Yes! All our bareboats now have a fishing licence, so we can offer our guests fishing on board. Everyone over 18 who wishes to fish on the BVIs must have a fishing licence for recreational fishing. For more information on how to obtain fishing licences, please contact us.

Do I have to stay in the area or can I also leave the BVIs?

You are welcome to sail to St. Thomas or St. John as long as you pass through customs. However, if you wish to sail further away, you will need a permit from our General Manager, as VISAR is not responsible outside the area. It is also possible that you do not have mobile phone coverage on the telephone we provide. Your deductible will also be increased to $ 3000. If you are not a U.S. or Canadian citizen, you will need a B1/B2 visa to travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands on a private ship.


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