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The British Virgin Islands are considered the pearl of the Caribbean. They were discovered about 500 years ago by Christopher Columbus and were called Virgin Islands because of their nativeness. The islands experienced an eventful history from a pirate’s nest to a holiday paradise. Today the names of the islands still remind us of famous pirates. So one sails here to “Jost van Dyke” island, named after a Dutch buccaneer, past “Norman”, “Flanagan”, “Peter” and “Cooper” Island. A very special pirate, Sir Francis Drake, even had the whole canal dedicated to him.

Sailing area

Short distances and easy navigation make this a popular yacht holiday destination for families and beginners. The largest island of the British Virgin Islands, Tortola, is considered the centre of yachting and the starting point for charter trips. Here you decide whether you want to head for one of the many idyllic bays and relax or enjoy the hustle and bustle in the marinas.

When will you come?

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Base information

BVI Yachtcharters
Joma Marina, Port Purcell
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands
Phone: +1 284 494 4289
Fax.: +1 305 503 9495

Base manager: Anthony

Handover time

  • Check-in: Saturday from 5:00 p.m.
  • Return to harbour: Friday until 5:00 p.m.; overnight stay on board possible
  • Check-out: Saturday until 9:00 a.m.


As the island is very small and there is a standard taxi fare all over the island, please use one of the local taxis. The price per person is about $ 12.


In order to hand over your yacht to you as quickly as possible, we need the following documents from you on site:

  • Valid identity card / passport of the skipper
  • Original of a boat driving licence valid in the skipper’s home country
  • Fully completed crew list
  • Mobile number of the skipper or a crew member, so that we can reach you in case of emergency
  • Credit card (Visa / Mastercard) for the deposit



Our charter base is only a few minutes from the largest supermarket on Tortola, so you can shop comfortably on arrival. Fresh products may be limited on the islands.


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