“Primosten Dubrovnik and back”

1. Kremik marina

The starting point for the trip is the Kremik marina south of Primosten with its more than 500 berths. The marina is reached after a half hour drive from the airport. On the way there are a few bigger supermarkets for shopping, which you should use, because not everything can be obtained in the marina.

If nothing keeps you in the marina on the first evening, you can reach Primosten after 3 NM in northern direction or Rogoznica after 5 NM in southern direction and here start your sailing holiday in one of the restaurants.

2. Trogir: 23 NM

A short day trip takes you to Trogir, whose entire old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The marinas ACI and SCT are located exactly opposite the historic old town. Just cross the bascule bridge and immerse yourself in another world. Winding alleys, buildings such as the St. Laurentius Cathedral or the Kamerlengo fortress invite you to visit them. If you happen to be familiar with some buildings from a western, it is because “Winnetou” was shot here. The innumerable cafés and restaurants in the city or on the promenade provide new energy for further discoveries. So get up early, Trogir will thank you with unique impressions.

3. Brac (Milna): 22 NM

From Trogir you sail out again to the islands of Dalmatia, with the destination Brac and the Milna marina. Brac is the largest island in Dalmatia and the third largest in the Adriatic.

If you would like to visit more unique cultural monuments of Croatia after Trogir, a visit to the monastery complex Eremitage Blaca is a good idea. It is located about 10 km inland. The monastery served as an observatory for the Father and hobby astronomer Nikola Milicevic. In honour of his discoveries two asteroids were named “Nikola Milicevic” and “Brac”.

4. Hvar (Hvar): 19 NM

Today a short island hopping to the neighbouring island Hvar with the place of the same name Hvar is planned. From Milna you sail between the islands Solta and Brac and head directly for the western tip of Hvar island. After the rounding of the cape the island “Paklinski” lies directly in front of you. For the afternoon the island offers excellent conditions for all water sports activities, before you cover the 3 NM to Hvar for the evening. In the many restaurants and bars along the harbour promenade you will surely find the perfect place for sunset to end the evening.

5. Korcula (Korcula): 45 NM

Get up early this morning because you have three long sailing days ahead of you. From the western tip of the island of Hvar you sail to the east coast of Korcula. On the way you sail around Scedro island and after approx. 15 sm reach the strait between Korcula and Peljesac peninsula. After a long day you reach the ACI Marina Korcula. If you still have energy for land activities, you can visit in Korcula the alleged birthplace of the world traveller Marco Polo and also the museum about him. A detour to Banje beach, south of the marina, may also be an option.

6. Dubrovnik: 55 NM

Today there is only one motto: Sailing, sailing, sailing! The destination, Dubrovnik, is very close, but so far away. You pass Peljesac peninsula on port side, always direction southwest, until you change course after the island Sipan to port side and head east to the mainland. In the southeast you can see Dubrovnik. The last 9 nautical miles now go by like in flight. Having arrived in the marina, we recommend you to enjoy the evening on board.

7. Dubrovnik: Harbour day

You have reached the destination “Dubrovnik” and after a restful night with charged batteries nothing stands in the way of a sightseeing tour. Since the choice of sights is large, it is best to decide in advance which places you would like to visit. The well-known city wall should not be missing in any case. As in every city in Croatia, you will come across many sacral buildings. The city harbour is also a must for sailors and if you are a fan of the series “Game of Thrones”, don’t miss a visit to the fortress “Lo-vrijenac”. There are also whole city tours in the Game-of-Thrones style. For a short break, visit one of the Buza bars behind the city wall overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The locals also like to visit these bars. In the evening you should take the cable car up to the mountain “Srd”. The view and sunset from here are certainly one of the highlights of the trip.

8. Mljet (Sobra): 29 NM

It is time to set sail again and set course northwards, leaving this pearl of the Adriatic behind. The destination, the bay of Sobra, offers the possibility to anchor or moor at one of the restaurant piers. The sheltered bay is a great place for water sports enthusiasts to do some sports. Those who still have strength in their legs after the day in Dubrovnik can explore the island on foot. Mljet is one of the most densely wooded islands in the Mediterranean. Here, with a little luck, you can observe one of the mongooses that were exposed a hundred years ago to fight poisonous snakes. The very endangered Mediterranean monk seal is less often seen.

9. Korcula (Brna): 43 NM

Along the north coast of Mljet you sail past the National Park, which covers half of the island, and get closer to today’s destination, Korcula island. This time the destination is the small port of Brna, located on the south coast. The visit of the winery “Toreta Winery” should be combined with a wine tasting. The winery is located 3 km from Brna. It is a good idea to walk along the path. Back, the path then leads downhill.

10. Vis (Vis): 39 NM

The evening wine tasting hopefully did not leave too big traces. Set sail again after a hearty breakfast. Passing Korcula to the west, the day’s destination “Vis” comes into view on the horizon. Before the port of Vis is called at, there is the possibility to visit the Green Cave on the island of Ravnik, a cave with a supposedly green ceiling, however, a fee is charged for entereing. In Vis there is the Archeological Museum for culture enthusiasts, where you can learn a lot about the history of the island. With its many restaurants, bars and beaches you have a perfect choice for the evening.

11. Hvar (Stari Grad): 26 NM

From the harbour you can already see “Hvar” island, which will be called at a second time, but this time in Stari Grad. On the way to the northeast there is Paklinski island on starboard again, which can be used for another bathing stop. In Stari Grad you can choose from a colourful programme for the afternoon. If you have been enthusiastic about the historical buildings on this trip, you should definitely visit the living fortress of the poet Petar Hektorović in the city.

12. Solta (Rogac): 23 NM

The end of a long cruise is approaching. From Stari Grad we head north on the Adriatic Sea between the islands “Solta” and “Brac” to sail along the north coast of Solta to Rogac. On the way there are several bays that can be reached. From Rogac you should walk to Grohote. Grohote is the oldest village on the island. This can be seen in the many old buildings, the witnesses of history. A visit of “Tvrdic Honey” beekeeping must be planned in any case. Goran will tell you all about the secrets of the bees and you can buy the perfect gift for at home.

13. Otok Drvenik Veli: 13 NM

A stress-free day is on the agenda today! With the short trip to the northwest island “Drvenik Veli” we go to the “Blue Lagoon”. This Caribbean blue is today’s bathing place. With a glass of wine and some finger food you have a wonderful place to relax.

14. Kremik: 18 NM

Even the most beautiful cruise comes to an end. Like the day before, the last miles to Kremik are, under the motto “quiet enjoyment”. Sailing, swimming, reviewing the trip. All this brings you ever closer to your destination. Before Kremik marina is called at, however, there is a short excursion to the buoy field to Rogoznica, in order to have lunch in the marina’s Pizzeria. Well strengthened after a good meal, the last section on the water is mastered after one hour and you enter Kremik. An extensive dinner is the end of two eventful weeks.

15. Goodbye

After the last night on the ship the trip is over after a breakfast. You leave the ship around 9 o’clock and start, hopefully well recovered, into your everyday life. We hope you enjoyed the trip!


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