“Between Dalmatia and Istria”

1. Kremik marina

The starting point for the trip is the Kremik marina south of Primosten with its more than 500 berths. The marina is reached after a half hour drive from the airport. On the way there are a few bigger supermarkets for shopping, which you should use, because not everything can be obtained in the marina.

If nothing keeps you in the marina on the first evening, you can reach Primosten after 3 NM in northern direction or Rogoznica after 5 NM in southern direction and here start your sailing holiday in one of the restaurants.

2. Otok Zarlin: 12 NM

The first sailing day takes you to Zarlin, the village of the same name in the north of the island. The landscape is characterised by spruce and pine forests. As a sailor you will enjoy the clear water and the lonely beaches and bays. Above all, from Zarlin you have an impressive view of the Sibenik strait. As there are no cars on the island, holidaymakers will experience a restful silence here. Thus you can enjoy the first day here fully relaxed.

3. Murter (Murter): 20 NM

A short trip leads to the north side of Murter island, into the Hramina marina. Murter is one of the Adriatic’s water sports centres where you can meet many like-minded people. Murter is a very lively place with numerous bars, restaurants and a bustling nightlife. But also archaeological finds of an ancient Roman settlement make the island interesting. Slanica bay has one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia. Murter’s olive oil should not be missed when dining on board in the evening.

4. Zadar: 29 NM

From the Hramina marina, you sail northwards, past the offshore islands, which lie one behind the other like a string of pearls. On the port side you can see Pasman and Ugljan. Halfway up Ugljan is starboard Zadar. The port city with its seaside resort is one of the largest cities in Croatia. The old town lies on a promontory, separated from the mainland by a moat. Beside the sacral buildings you should visit the Roman forum. The highlight is the sea organ of the architect Nikola Bašić, which produces sounds by the sea waves. For the evening the innumerable restaurants offer tasty dishes for each taste.

5. Pag (Simuni): 30 NM

After breakfast you stay further on north course with the daily goal Pag. Pag is the fifth largest island of the Adriatic, the flora is characterised by holm oaks, pines and Aleppo pines. Bamboo also grows here in abundance. The ACI marina extends to both sides of the narrow smaller bay, which is connected to the larger bay of Simuni. Within walking distance you can reach the “St. Nickolas” church and the great pebble beach of Simuni. Several bars offer cool drinks.

6. Mali Losinj: 33 NM

After the course was always heading north the last days, today you sail westwards. After the Maun, Olib and Silba islands, we head northwest to the starboard island “Ilovik” to turn off along the coast of Losinj into the elongated bay and at its end into the harbour of Mali Losinj. The city is picturesquely situated on the slopes around the port. Almost the whole everyday life takes place along the harbour promenade. Here you can visit for example the Losinj and Apoxyomenos museum. A little outside is “The Losinj Aromatic Garden” – a small herb garden with a special flair.

7. Otok Unije: 15 NM

After breakfast you visit one of the supermarkets to be supplied with fresh food for today’s bathing day. The route takes you to the northernmost point of the trip, the buoys in the western bay of Unije. The bay, a secret tip, with its turquoise blue water is a great spot for water sports activities. Over the hills to the west you reach Unije, a small village from where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Adriatic Sea.

8. Susak: 11 NM

Since today’s trip is not too long, it makes sense to spend the morning bathing in the bay and then sail refreshed to Susak, a small island south of Unije. Susak is very green compared to the neighbouring islands. One of the sights is the lighthouse on the 96 m high hill “Garba”. For diving enthusiasts there are two ancient shipwrecks in front of the island. A special eye-catcher are the traditional costumes of the locals, whose cut is unique.

9. Dugi Otok (Veli Rat): 39 NM

Be an early riser today, because the longest daily route of the trip awaits you. The Croatian islands are on the port side, the Adriatic Sea is starboard, while you sail south. In the bay near Veli Rat lies the marina for the night. If you have to stretch your legs after a long day on the water, you can visit the lighthouse at the northwestern cape after a 3 km walk. You can end the evening in one of the restaurants in Veli Rat.

10. Dugi Otok (Sali): 29 NM

The day’s destination is Sali, the unofficial island capital of Dugi Otok. Over the north cape, along the east coast of Dugi Otok, you reach Sali, which is located at the National Park Telašćica . The national park is known for its high cliffs and the salt lake.

11. Otok Zut: 9 NM

Today’s destination is the island of Zut in the National Park of the Kornati Islands. Zut is the second largest island of the national park with a size of approx. 15 square kilometres. Its landscape is characterised by barren limestone and sparse vegetation due to low rainfall. The ACI marina Zut is located in the bay in the north of the island; the 400 m long jetty blends well into this beautiful landscape. Despite its remoteness, the marina has a restaurant and a supermarket. Away from the hustle and bustle of the marina, you can enjoy the tranquillity of nature.

12. Otok Kaprije: 33 NM

After breakfast you leave the bay and sail over port around the northern tip of Zut and through the Kornati National Park towards the south. At the southern tip of the island of Kornat, a short detour into the bay of Opat offers itself, in order to enjoy a relaxed time-out here while having lunch. The last 14 NM to Kaprije you can connect with a bathing stop at the two islands east of Kakan. On Kaprije you can spend the evening according to your taste.

13. Sibenik: 15 NM

Around the southern cape of Kaprije, the road between many small islands leads to the second largest city of Dalmatia, which lies protected in the interior of the country at the mouth of the river Krka. The region around Sibenik offers so many sights that one day is not enough. Sibenik is famous for its stairs and alleys. Many monuments invite you to visit them. The most famous building is the cathedral of St. Jacob. Further buildings from the 300-year-old Venetian epoch in Sibenik are the fortresses, the rector’s palace and many other buildings that characterise the cityscape. After a long day of sightseeing, Banj beach offers cool refreshment to later end the evening in one of the restaurants along the promenade.

14. Kremik marina: 16 NM

An impressive cruise comes to an end. The Kremik marina is headed for again, past Zarlin, the first point of the journey, along the mainland past Primosten into the Kremik marina. For a worthy end of the trip it is advisable to take a taxi to Primosten or Rogoznica and indulge in one of the restaurants with a bottle of wine in memories of the trip.

15. Goodbye

After the last night on the ship the trip is over after a breakfast. You leave the ship around 9 o’clock and start, hopefully well recovered, into your everyday life. Glad you could join us.


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