“2 weeks Ionian Sea”

1. Gouiva marina

The starting point for the trip is the Gouvia marina with its more than 1000 berths. The marina is located north of the airport, sheltered in a bay. Transfer from the airport takes about 20 minutes, so it is a good idea to take a taxi. The marina is equipped with all amenities. A supermarket offers a delivery service to the ship.

If you wish to escape the Sunday morning hustle and bustle, you can call at Mandraki harbour in the city of Corfu. It is located in the old Venetian fortress. From here it is only a short jump to the taverns of the city.

2. Syvota: 30 NM

From the marina there is a south course to the municipality Syvota on the mainland. The harbour promenade with its many bars and restaurants is an excellent place for the night. The beaches around Syvota offer the perfect place for everyone to relax. The Blue Lagoon Beach on the westernmost of the offshore islands captivates with crystal clear water and is perfect as a snorkeling spot.

3. Kerentza Beach: 22 NM

For today’s day trip, fresh food should be bought before leaving, as the destination, Kerentza Beach, is a small secluded bay on the coast. This bay is located 1.5 NM south of Ammoudia. It is a wonderful place that takes you years back. The three small taverns offer something for every taste. In this protected bay, water sports enthusiasts get their money’s worth.

4. Preveza: 26 NM

The path continues to lead you in a southerly direction. The port of Preveza is located at the entrance to the Ambraki Gulf. At the entrance to the gulf there is the Cleopatra marina on the starboard side and the Sailor Monument on the port side. The destination, Preveza marina, is located half a mile further north, directly at the old town and is therefore more suitable for mooring. If you are not interested in a city stroll, you can visit the excavation of the Roman city Nikopolis 6 km away. In former times, Nikopolis was one of the most important trading cities. Parts of the old city wall, basilicas and mosaics can be visited on the excavation area. Further exhibits can be found in the Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis, 2 km away.

5. Lefkada (Nydri): 21 NM

On the way to Nydri you pass the swimming bridge near Lefkas and sail through the canal past the Lefkas marina, always along the coast of Lefkada until you finally enter the bay of Nydri, a wonderful spot to anchor. The bay is suitable for all water sports activities. Who has the suitable footwear in the luggage, should not shy away from the approx. 4 km long foot march to the waterfalls of Nydri. At summer temperatures you can take a refreshing dip under the waterfalls. In the evening, the restaurants along the harbour promenade are an alternative to the on-board kitchen.

6. Meganisi (Spartochori): 6 NM

Today’s trip takes you only one island further southeast to Meganisi. The village Spartochori offers a small jetty and a small supermarket. It is up to you whether you use the bay for swimming or explore the hilly landscape of the island.

7. Itahki (Vathy): 24 NM

The mythological home of Odysseus is on today’s agenda; the island is located in the south of Meganisi. After you have sailed from Spartorchori between Lefkada and Meganisi, you should already see the elevations of the island on the horizon. The Molos Gulf, which separates the northern from the southern part of the island and on whose shore Vathy is located, is the destination. In Vathy there are many sights that bear witness to the famous son of the island. Just outside, after a 30 minute walk, next to the Orthodox church, you can visit the “Cave of the Nymphs”.

8. Kefalonia (Sami): 32 NM

The largest of the Ionian islands, Kefalonia, the neighbouring island of Itahki, is to be visited today. It is up to you whether you wish to circle around Ithaki at the northern or southern tip to enter the port of Sami, as each route has its own charms. The main attraction of the island is very close to Sami, the lake of the Melissani grotto. In ancient times, the cave was the place of worship of the shepherd god Pan. Near the cave you can also visit the Drogarati stalactite cave. Along the harbour promenade many restaurants offer a rich menu selection for the evening. Since Kefalonia is considered the origin of the Greek hard cheese Kefalotyri, this should not be missing on the plate.

9. Kalamos (Gerolimionas): 31 NM

After the southernmost point of the trip is reached, there is only one direction for the next days: north. Today’s stage leads past the island of Atokos, to the southeast coast of Kalamos and into the bay of Ge-rolimionas. Kalamos is an undecided island as far as tourism is concerned, so you may anchor alone in this beautiful bay. Enjoy this great spot.

10. Lefkas: 24 NM

Today you leave the islands south of Lefkada and sail to Lefkas marina. As you anchor in the bays of Antipaxos and Paxos for the next few days, the supermarkets of Lefkas offer another opportunity to store supplies and fill the diesel tank if necessary. The city of Lefkas does not offer many highlights, but the visit of the fortress at the northern swimming bridge is worth a short detour on foot.

11. Antipaxos: 36 NM

After a short breakfast, you should start the day’s trip to Antipaxos quickly, as this is one of the longest trips of the cruise. You sail through the canal to the swimming bridge out to the Ionian Sea. When you reach the destination of Antipaxos after hours, head for Voutoumi Beach, a bay with Caribbean shimmering turquoise blue water – the perfect place after a strenuous day. Unlike Paxos, Antipaxos is not overgrown with olive groves. Two thirds of the island’s vegetation consists of vines.

12. Paxos (Lakka): 9 NM

Enjoy this Caribbean bay in the morning, as today’s stage only takes you to the neighbouring island of Paxos. The destination, the bay of Lakka, is located at the northern tip of the island. The bay is a wonderful anchorage, but it is often visited by sailors, so an early calling is recommended. For many years Paxos was known for its very small but aromatic olives, but today tourism plays a major role. In the village itself you will surely find the right restaurant for the evening.

13. Korfu (Petriti): 21 NM

After 12 days, today you sail back to the east coast of Corfu island, to the small sleepy fishing village Petriti. It is one of the few places on this coast with a sandy beach. The shallow water offers excellent conditions for swimming, snorkeling, SUP and kayaking. Anchor and go ashore with your dinghy to enjoy freshly caught fish in one of the traditional taverns.

14. Gouvia marina: 20 NM

After two weeks, the last sailing day has come, always heading north. On a little more than half the way you will have the opportunity to call at Mandraki marina again to dive into the cultural heart of Corfu and buy souvenirs for at home. Once in the marina, you should finish your cruise in one of the restaurants around the marina and watch the marina go about its business with a bottle or two of wine on board.

15. Goodbye

After the last night on the ship the trip is over after a breakfast. You leave the ship around 9 o’clock and start, hopefully well recovered, into your everyday life.


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