May I enter the national park?

A national park permit allows you to use the anchor buoys. This allows you to moor in the famous marine parks. In the areas of baths, caves and Indians and in Monkey Point, anchoring is forbidden in order to protect the sensitive reefs of the territory. The cost of a national park permit depends on the number of people in your group and varies from $ 25 per week for 4 people to $ 55 per week for 10 people.

What are the navigation restrictions?

Boat operation is permitted only between 7.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. Exceptions are indicated on the charts.

Can I use the yacht to sail to Africa or Madeira?

Our boats have only a permit for the waters of the Canary Islands.

May I call at the other islands of the Balearic Islands?

You may call at all islands within the Balearic Islands. Please keep in mind that some trips, e.g. to Ibiza, are 90 NM.

Is it possible to book a reservation for Cabrera?

For a fee of 10 € per boat we take over the reservation of the buoys. As the berths are limited, you may have to change your route.

Can I sail to Albania by boat?

Currently it is not allowed to sail to Albania.

May I sail to Montenegro?

Our boats may be sailed to Montenegro, but you must not forget to clear in and out in a Port of Entry.

Where can I buy a ticket for the National Parks?

In general, we advise you to buy the tickets outside the national park, as the prices in the national park are very high. On the homepage you can buy the tickets for the National Park.

Was sind die Navigationsbeschränkungen?

Nur zwischen 7.00 und 17.00 Uhr ist der Bootsbetrieb gestattet, Ausnahmen sind auf den Karten vermerkt.

Darf ich mit der Yacht nach Afrika oder Madeira segeln?

Unsere Boote haben nur eine Genehmigung für die Gewässer der Kanaren.

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